You don’t have True love for Okada Riders-Deputy Health Minster Dr. Bernard Okoe to Former President Dramani Mahama

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The spirit of current events

romance for Okada riders.

He said a guarantee by him to authorize Okada was a result of narrow minded enthusiasm to dupe the riders to decide in favor of him and not because of authentic worry for them.

In front of the December 7 decisions, Mr Mahama had vowed to legitimize that exchange in light of the fact that, in his view, it gives occupations to the young people of this nation.

Talking on TV3’s New Day program facilitated by Johnnie Hughes, Dr Okoe-Boye stated: “He had power for a very long time to authorize it however he was not intrigued. At the point when he went into resistance, he is coming to guarantee them.

“This guarantee is inspired not by the government assistance of Okada riders but rather by his childish enthusiasm to return to control. Okada riders are not moronic, they can peruse the guarantee.”

Talking on a similar show, Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram Sam George said the guarantee is authentic after the craving of Mr Mahama to help the young.

He depicted measurements being produced by the National Road Safety Authority according to engine cycle mishaps, as guileful.

“Those measurements are phony the street security insights that are being produced they call it engine cycle mishaps. It is pretentious, it is languid, it is vile for anyone to imagine that when we are examining Okada

“I challenge the NRSC, I challenge the NPP to disaggregate that figure and let us know about engine cycle mishaps these are the numbers exceptional to Okada

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