What is to blame? The sex, the lie or the impatience?- Paa Kwesi Schandorf

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The spirit of current events

David had been working with Fine Global as the Head of the company’s sales and marketing for the last decade.


As the head of brands, his ability to negotiate lucrative deals cemented his place in the oil rich establishment.


Even though he had his excesses, being suspended was the last idea on the desk on his employers, until Alma.


Alma was a Nigerian expatriate who was struggling to find her feet in Ghana. Her attempts to find a job had all proven futile, until she came into contact with David at a pub where she was boozing her frustrations away.


On their first meeting, she wore distress. Sitting behind a number of empty beer bottles, depression had bought her entire mood; an aura which drew David’s attention.


The two had a brief conversation, after which David drove her home. Lying drunk in David’s couch, her skirt exposed her fair skin to David’s appetite. It was a Friday night. Both were drunk; and that occasioned their first sex. Alma was more dominant, slicing David apart.


Two weeks after this unintended episode, Alma reached out to David about her joblessness and sought his help. Without hesitation, David leveraged on his ties with the MD to bring in Alma, who was just a degree holder.


Even though Raf, the MD protested Alma’s employment, David argued in Alma’s defense; stating that, although Alma didn’t have a master’s degree as is the standard at Fine Global, she was a good pick worthy of an offer.


Raf obliged, and that changed Alma’s life for good. Then in one of her travels with Raf, Alma narrated how David solicited sex from her before assisting her get a job at Fine Global. Alma’s account was a lie, but it sounded true enough to make Raf order David’s suspension.


Torn by the turn of events, David took to a nearby bridge and dived into the water under the bridge. Prior to this, Alma has contracted a newspaper to slander David with a gross headline about how he had raped an innocent Nigerian immigrant for a job offer. He died in the water, a news that broke his wife’s heart, causing her to suffer a miscarriage in the circumstances. She also died later.


Pricked by her conscience, Alma confessed her malice to Raf on phone and begged for his forgiveness. The sixty year old business tycoon, Raf, suffered a cardiac arrest and fell to the ground, dead; leaving behind his huge wealth, fame, mansions and fleet of plush rides.


Alma, who couldn’t contain her guilt any longer, found a piece of glass later on and cut her wrist; joining her two colleagues in the grave and ending the bloodbath.


Now who do you think deserves the most blame for all the tragedies? Is it the infidelity of David, the lie of Alma or the impatience of Raf, the MD himself?


The author of this fiction is a writer, a corporate emcee and a broadcast journalist at TV Africa, where he works as a news editor, a news anchor and the co-host of the flagship morning show, Breakfastlive. He goes by the name, ©Paa Kwesi Schandorf.




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