VIDEO:Remember The Boy Who Bullies Called a Monkey? See What Netherlands Has Done to Him and His Mother-part 1

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On 17 November 2020, Afrimax stressed the existence of a special child, whose appearance was distinct and closely related to the facial appearance of a chimpanzee.

The 21-year-old boy, born in 1999, whose facial appearance follows the teasing, tumult, and mocking of the majority of the African chimpanzee. Afrimax English tells that his life since his birth remains a mystery for many in the rural areas of Rwanda.

He’s named Zanzimana Elly after his mother and dad knelt before God and asked for a son, and after that, he was born. Five other children have been born, but they are dead one by one. They also asked God for “an abnormal baby” for the 6th boy as long as he did not die.

Twenty-one years later Elly doesn’t talk, his head doesn’t promote formal education, and enjoys jungle living. His mother also revealed to Afrimax English that he feeds him on grass just like an animal, always chasing him to take him home at night.

How they receive money from well-wishers:

This tale of Elly touched many people’s hearts on the internet with concerns about how the family should get in contact to assist them.

Afrimax announced, four Weeks later, that Elly’s mother has been changed in the story they uploaded on YouTube. Furthermore, Elly’s countrymen responded straight away in the Kinyarwanda version of the story and began giving them some money and food for everyday use.


How they use their neighbor’s phones to seek for people’s assistance:

They used the phone of their neighbor to get the good people’s money. Unfortunately, the house of the neighbor was disturbed by the thefts who robbed everything including the mobile. But the well-wishers who continued to give food did not stop this.

The Afrimax journalist himself had bundles of cash to send to his mother and she was not very able to show appreciation when he gave her the cash. She thanked him only and that he who has supported her and her son are blessed by Heaven.

How they received money from the Netherlands which is intended to change their lives:

The journalist escorted Elly’s mum to the bank after this robbery incident and even opened another bank account to store her huge amount of money.

Afrimax revealed in the update video that the mother of Elly had some money left by the Netherlands for security reasons.

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