VIDEO:”Nobody Knows Tommorow” See What Netherlands Has Done to The Life Of The Boy Who Was Called a Monkey-PART 2

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Afrimax illustrated on 17 November 2020 the life of a special kid born with a face appearance that is closely linked to chimpanzees.

The 21-year-old kid, whose face closely resembles an African chimpanzee, was born in 1999. He is mocked and tormented and always mocked by the majority of the people in his village.

The story taken by Afrimax English from the Rwandan rural areas showed that many mystery happened in his life from birth.

His name is Zanzimana Elly after his mother and father, who kneeled before God and asked for a son and he was born. They gave birth to five other kids, but one after the other they lost them. They also asked God for the 6th child for “a child that is an abnormal one” while he was not going to die.

Elly doesn’t talk 21 years later, his head doesn’t accept formal schooling and loves to live in the forest. His mother also told Afrimax English that he feeds on his grass like an animal, and that she must still chase him when he gets home at night.

This story about Elly touched the hearts of many people on the internet to find out how they could reach the family when necessary to support them.


VIDEO:Remember The Boy Who Bullies Called a Monkey? See What Netherlands Has Done to Him and His Mother-part 1

Afrimax announced four weeks later that the story that they posted on YouTube changed Elly’s mother’s life. In addition, Elly’s fellow countrymen instantly responded to the Kinyarwandan version of the story and began to give them some money and meals for everyday use.

They used the phone of their neighbor to collect the money from the visitors. Sadly the house of the neighbor was broken into by thefts who took everything, including this phone. This however did not stop the desired people who continued to send food.

The Afrimax reporter had taken some buckets of cash with him, and she was short in expressing her appreciation when he gave it to Ell’s mother. She only thanked him and God blessed whoever supported her and her son.

Following the robbery case, Elly’s mother escorted to the bank and even opened a bank account to save the huge amount of money.

Afrimax demonstrated in the update video that Elly’s mum had also got some money from Holland, which she had to keep in the bank for security purposes.

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