Video: I Paid My Wife’s Bride Price With My ‘Fooling’ Money – Clemento Suarez

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Ghanaians have expressed their excitement and well wishes to popular comedian, Clemento Suarez for tying the knot with his girlfriend, Sylvia in a traditional marriage ceremony over the weekend.

Speaking on air for the very first time after his traditional marriage, Clemento Suarez in a phone interview with sit-in host, ‘Bongo Depharaa’ on Okay FM’s drive time show, expressed his gratitude to Ghanaians for the love and immense support offered to him.

He disclosed that the choice of his wife as a lifelong partner wasn’t something very difficult for him because he’s been with her for some time now hence the decision was a cool one.

Clemento Suarez asserted that his work as a comedian and a ‘fool’ will not cease just because he is married.

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