University Authorities:UCC Alleged robbery was a Prank

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Specialists at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) says reports of supposed theft on its grounds on Monday night were false.

Major Kofi Baah Bentum (Rtd) who is the head of public undertakings at the University said their examinations so far doesn’t affirm what is being coursed via online media.

There was mayhem on the University of Cape Coast (UCC) grounds on Monday night as understudies ran pell mell over feelings of dread that they would have been assaulted by outfitted looters.

The understudies are accounted for to have fled their auditoriums where they were examining when reports rolled in from an individual understudy that there would have been a burglary nearby.

However, specialists said upon additional checks, they discovered the reports to be false.

As indicated by a large group of UCC’s grounds based ATL FM’s morning show, one understudy got a call from an obscure individual who said an auditorium had been ransacked, so theirs was straightaway.

Mary Ama Bawah said the understudy who felt he and his partners’ lives were in danger at that point educated his associates regarding the alleged assault.

As per her, the understudies at that point fled after they were educated.

“Reports, in any case, coming in toward the beginning of today have affirmed that there was no such assault nearby,” she told host of JoyFM’s Super Morning Show Kojo Yankson.

“We addressed one of the understudies who took the video and he said the call came through and he felt that he expected to caution his partners he was concentrating with and everybody began running however his auditorium was not assaulted,” she included.

She further noticed that checks with a blogger who had posted recordings from the scene on his website couldn’t affirm there was an assault.

“We’ve had the chance to address the blogger, Fidel Agyeman Osei who posted the issue on his blog today, however he said the understudies considered him that some meeting of the understudies have been assaulted at a weapon point and by equipped burglars with cleavers.

“We’ve not had the option to have any affirmation from any of these understudies however in any event Fidel made us mindful that a portion of these understudies were harmed and have been conceded at the UCC clinic.

“We have gone there, we have additionally spoken with a portion of the medical caretakers on the job who disclosed to us toward the beginning of today that nobody has been conceded.

She the attendants affirmed an understudy came in with a knee injury yet that occurred because of the commotion.

“The police were brought in however they don’t discovered anything identified with any theft assault,” she said.

Regardless, there had been an assault on an understudy prior. She wasn’t sure, nonetheless, if that had been the reason for the caution.

“Genius at UCC’s Directorate for Public Affairs revealed to us that there had been an assault on an understudy. So it’s very hard for us to tell if this understudy was the person who settled on this decision,” she included.

Following the occurrence, online media was humming with remarks, with #UCCLivesMatter moving on Twitter.


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