Universities Senior Staff To Strike From October 19 Over ‘Troublesome’ Service Conditions

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Individuals from the Universities of Ghana Senior Staff Association, will from Monday, October 19, set out their apparatuses. This has been occasioned by the administration’s inability to address what they depict as appropriate work issues.

Tending to the media in Accra on Friday morning, the National Chairman of the Association, Abdul-Majeed Yussif, said the legislature has indicated dishonesty in continuous exchanges concerning their state of administration.

He noted as a worry the relocation of the finance of state funded colleges onto the regulator and bookkeeper general’s finance framework. “We emphasize our call to government to stop the unobtrusive moves to do as such.

Rather, we firmly advocate for unique allotment similar to that conceded to the security administrations and other public foundations regarding pay organization.” Of more significance to the affiliation were what it called the “negative strategies answerable for the breaking down states of its individuals.” It noticed the absence of study leave with pay, clinical consideration for staff and families among others.

“All endeavors by the public initiative to get the administration to address the above state concerns have demonstrated useless,” Mr. Yussif said.

Hence, “all individuals from the ranking staff affiliation, Universities of Ghana are needed to set out their instruments and hoise warnings over all grounds,” he included. The affiliation likewise noticed that the National Labor Commission knew about its strike final offer

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