in this prophecy, the young man who prefers his identity  remains anonymous tells

2021PROPHECY DROPS-These two celebrities Will ‘DIE’ fiercely this year if we don’t pray earnestly for them

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The spirit of current events

The year started with so much celebration and triumphant entry into the year 2021 since 2020 has been one of the years nobody would ever want to talk about, living people with nothing except sorrow and imbalance style of living.

We mostly on various social media platforms, especially during the later part of the year, say 31st December Night, in most churches we hear prophecy about our celebrities, concerning the death pronouncement which has placed many celebrities in a threatening condition, this has got many celebrities to think as to whether God, is a God, who only reveals death and not life. These questions still remain unanswered?

in this prophecy, the young man who prefers his identity  remains anonymous tells winegreynews.com below

On 1st January 2021, the Lord revealed to me about some celebrities wearing a black robe and surrounding two coffins which represents two people, though this is a general prophecy, he stated this particular one is seen in the KUMAWOOD industry.

He continued by saying that, we don’t seek our celebrity’s to die, but we need to seek God’s counsel and protection to cancel every demonic agenda of the devil towards this two celebrities in the Kumasi movie industry.

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