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Broadcast journalist, Serwaa Amihere, has said that she doesn’t belong to the group of independent women who say they don’t need a man’s support.

Speaking on GhToday on Thursday, October 11, on the topic ‘Expectations In Relationship’, Serwaa was quick to correct her co-host, Lantam Papanko who counted her among “women who don’t need any man”.

He said: “There are women like you who are independent and can take care of themselves and who don’t need any man.”

In a quick rebuttal, Serwaa Amihere said: “No ooo, I don’t say that. I need a man.”

Lantam who felt he was being misunderstood added: “What I mean is that you don’t need a man to take care of you.”

“I do (need a man to take care of me). Don’t come and make it look… I can’t. I am not one of those women who go around saying ‘i don’t need a man’ please. Men are good,” said Serwaa in a defensive tone.

She added that asking your male partner for support doesn’t mean you are depending on them for survival.

“If you send me food, morning, afternoon, and evening I will eat. It doesn’t mean I am depending on you for survival… If I call you as my boyfriend and say I am hungry, can you send me money for lunch, it means I am depending on you?” Serwaa quizzed.

She has admonished men to go after “correct girls” especially those who feel used by women due to their countless needs including the demand for transportation when visiting them.

“Find correct girls… how are you proud to date a woman who will say that before I come and visit you, send me money for transport.”

“I have met men, I have dated people who are extremely interested in your wellbeing and growth as a woman. Those are the kind of men I want to be with.. me I don’t even ask,” she added.


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