Serving the Nation: My National Service journey, the service Experience, Delays in Allowance.

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My title is David Kwaku Boateng aka winegrey. I am a graduate of the Koforidua Technical University and I read HND computer Networking. Being a student of this noble institution was not easy ooo not to talk of the quizzes at dawns and weekends, everyday assignments from every course lecturer, presentations and the likes. However, these things shaped us for the corporate world.

Today we share the National Service trip of David Boateng

once we are executed with school, the subsequentfactor is to work and serve the nation. The Government of Ghana has a coverage in location to supply graduates the chance to style the working environment. This coverage is in the shape of National Service which is obligatory for each graduate to partake.

The National Service Scheme (NSS)

registration starts off evolved at school, in the ultimate few months to entire tertiary. During my time in 2019, each pupil was once supposed to pay a charge of GHC40 at ADB Bank and take a receipt which consists of a student’s NSS registration Pin. This pin offers the pupil get right of entry to to open the NSS registration portal for registration. Once all these are done, college students have to wait for their postings in July. I ought to say, the machine is now not pleasant in phrases of registration; it is so rigid. One has to tour to the regional workplace of his/her place of posting for biometric registration which I accept as true with it should be executed at the district stage to curb queueing at dawns (3:00 am) and to keep away from confusion between college students who get there first and protocol issues. With these challenges, one may lose the pleasure or the enthusiasm to begin the service.

All matters being equal, it was once good. I used to be virtually posted to the authorities area however I did a reposting and ended up in the personal zone in Accra which additionally posed some other challenge. Since my household lives backyard Accra, I had to appear for an lower priced lodging which appeared now not viable in Accra however finally, I obtained one however it was oncesome distance from my work place. I didn’t have any desire than to go for that condo and wake up early to get to work. This used to be so demanding for me. i usually get domestic late and go straight to bed. My existence grew to become static, following the identical activities each and every day.

Like my nickname, I’m incredibly so the harassments from some work colleagues and bosses had beenno longer out of the equation. To the extent that some will threaten you, thus, make you sense your continue to be in the corporationrelies upon on them so you need toprovide in to their demands. In all these matters I used to benow not afraid due to the fact I knew my future was oncenow not in anyone’s hands. I prayed and God gave me the knowledge to control this harassment that got here with my work. It used to beno longer easy; I need to say, however God in His very own way labored it out for me. I have been in a position to end my carriereffectivelyexcept being impolite to any of my harassers and I have been retained in this identical company. This has helped me to boost a thicker pores and skin and a greatertargeted mind.

The Registration Process

Like I said, I bought the probability to work in a personal employer so I didn’t actually face this mission due to the fact I was once paid each and every two weeks. However, some of my colleagues in the authorities sectors complained about delays in the issuance of the allowance however they should additionally testify that it used to be higher than the preceding years’ the place the delays ought to even clock three months and more. Though theirs had been delaying, it used to be higher as it may want to take simply some few days or weeks.

I won’t say the ride was once effortless however anyone has the strength to make challenges succumb to their control. In everything, JUST BE CALM, PRAY AND APPLY WISDOM. Learn how to control your small allowances. Please don’t be grasping due to the fact that will make you supply in to some of your boss’s evil demands. Look, it is God who has introduced you this a long way no longer man, man can’t do something for you until God convicts him. And if it is from God, man won’t demand any evil payback like “scratch my again and I will scratch yours.” simply be content material with what you have. Just be HARDWORKING and God will pay you back. National Service is an chance to serve and learn. Be inclined to learn, neglect about these who wouldn’t like you, love all. Never say National Suffering, for in any respect you say with your mouth, so shall you have it. Mine was once so fruitful due to the fact when others had been negative, I used to be positive.

I recommend authorities need to put in region gadget software program the place each and every pupil can register on-line on their own. Also, allowances to carrier personnel must be paid by means of the cease of each and every month.

In all, I can say National Service has organized me for greater heights and I’m proud I’ve additionally been in a position to serve the nation.


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