Privacy:Dangers in using Truecaller App-you give all this information without your knowledge.

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Alright privacy is an issue for all of us out there and True Caller is one of the app that most of us used, it has almost 500 Million downloads on Play store and it has 4.4 review out of 5.

So what is True Caller?

In their detail from Play Store they say “True Caller identifies unknown calls, block spam calls and SMS, and record important calls.

”They also say “True Caller doesn’t upload your phonebook to make it public or searchable” but how did the other person know about me if they don’t give it?

Am not saying the app isn’t good, it is best app when we come to the calling feature, the SMS feature, the spam blocking feature but what about the caller ID feature I think that’s an issue for all of us.

The latest version of True Caller requests many permissions such as





Call logs


I know all the above are the requirements that are needed, I mean your built in phone had it but let’s see the other requests that are listed

Prevent phone from sleeping

View WI-FI connection

Receive data from internet

Disable your screen lockGoogle play billing serviceHave full network access

The app can appear top of the other apps

Run at start upAccess

Do Not Disturb

Route calls through the system

View network connection

Ask to ignore battery optimization

Install shortcut

Control vibration

Answer phone calls

Change network connectivity

Play install referrer API

Change your audio setting

Pair with Bluetooth devices

Some of them make the app powerful to perform but also make it dangerous to your privacy.

The Things True Caller Collect from Us

1. First Name and Last Name

2 .Phone Number

3. Photo

4 Street Address

5 ZIP Code

6 Country

7 Email Address

8 Gender

9 Professional Website

10 Facebook Page

11 Twitter Address

12 GEO-Location

13 IP Address

14 Device ID

15 Device Manufacturer

16 Device and Hardware Settings

17 SIM Card Usage

18 Installed App Info

19 ID for Advertising

20 AD Data

21 Operating System

22 Web Address

23 Operator


25 Connection Info

26 Screen Resolution

27 Usage Statistics

28 Default Communication

29 Address Book Access

30 Device Log

31 Event Info

32 Logs

33 Metadata of Calls and Messages

34 Google ID

This is hard to accept right but it’s true that true caller said it before they collect all this data but we will not give to others, that’s funny because they will give it for advertisers, for government officials or if a hacker goes through their database he/she can get every info that True Caller collect from us.

Don’t be fool by the Caller ID when they tell you unknown numbers think outside of the box why are they giving you this? It’s simple they are collecting data from you when you think they are giving you.


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