pray Also for Congo:Desprived of it’s natural resources, Congo is Bleeding

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#CONGOisBleeding #PrayForCongo of our own, our beloved ‘CONGO is Bleeding’, because of how deprived and poor this country is despite it’s riches in some natural resources.

Congo is a home to abundance of natural resources such as rubber, minerals and valuable metals- cobalt, Iron, Colton etc.

Congo is responsible for more than half of the world’s natural resources [ 70%, yet they’ve been intentionally, subjugated to strive in poverty.COLTON is a critical mineral needed for the production of electronic devices such as the Iphones, Xbox, Laptops, Aerospace, Batteries and more.

Thus the need for it in growing digital world.

There is a history of how Leopold II of Belgium murdered closed to 16million Congolese in the late 80s in his quest to conquer the country and make it his personal property after realizing how rich the land is.

It is believe that Congo is still suffering this fate in the hand of some veto countries who are bent on claiming the land and its resources thereby providing financial and military aid to some fellow countries like Uganda and Rwanda to invade regions filled with Colton reserved. And as they invade, millions of civilians are killed in Congo today.

This is just one of the vices in Congo today, the lots of rape, hunger, poor governance, child labor, child marriage, lack of education, teenage pregnancy and many more, resulted from the inflictions left by the above topic.

D’une seule voix, nous sommes avec Vous, Congolais, croyant que la Liberté arrive (pas demain mais) aujourd’hui, au plus tôt!#CONGOisBleeding💔🇨🇩✊🏾#CONGOisBleeding💔🇨🇩✊🏾#CONGOisBleeding💔🇨🇩✊🏾#PrayForCongo🙏

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