NPP : Communicator, Asare Kofi Israel chop 40 strong lashes after he insult Drobo Queen Mother(pidgin)

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Ghana New Patriotic Party [NPP] political communicator, Asare Kofi Israel enter hot soup after traditional authority give am 40 lashes for insulting de Queen Mother of Drobo.

E no clear exactly de insults he use but local reports reveal say de young man use some harsh and violent words on de queen mother, Nana Yaa Ansuaa.

De Traditional Council sake of dis sentence de New Patriotic Party communicator to 40 lashes sake of dem want instil discipline in de in de young man.

Pictures of de young man which go viral after he collect de lashes dey show cane marks on en body, he dey look like he dey inside pain wey people dey help am move around.

After de lashes, de traditional authorities warn Asare say he for show good behaviour or dem go remove am from de Jaman South Municipality, Bono Region.

Politicians and communicators dey use abusive language on each other, dis be one of de first few cases where politician chop punishment sake of dis time dem attack traditional leader.

source: BBC

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