Owusu Bempah swerves quick – Explains Why Trump Is Loosing Despite His Prophesy

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The spirit of current events

Owusu Bempah explains Why Trump Is Loosing Despite His Prophesy The nation’s prophet Revered Owusu Bempah is made a quick u-turn after his prophesy on Trump winning 2020 US election failed.

Rev. Prophesied few months ago that Trump was going to maintain his seat if he does not legalize homosexuality.

Well, Trump did not legalize the act across America and Osofo smiled that his prophesy will come to past.

He has now changed his predictions and has explained why Donald Trump is losing his re-election as President.

According to the Celebrity preacher, Biden is winning because he has been appointed President in Spirit.

Owusu Bempah made it clear on Oman FM that things have shifted in the spiritual realms in favor of Joe Biden.

Again DisasterHe said, “Something has happened in the US elections and Abraham and his people have held a meeting and it did not go in Trump’s favour because his heart has turned away from God.

Abraham and his people have sent the decision from that meeting to the watchers.

The watchers have sent the decision to the Almighty God.

A final meeting is being held over the decision as I speak to you

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