Onye gbemi’: The distasteful words Asamoah Gyan rained on tennis Player

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Asamoah Gyan Former Ghana Black Stars captain
like golf is a game that has been christened ‘a gentleman’s game’ which reflects its perceived status as a game for the rich or elites. With set rules and well-designed courts, the game makes the umpire the most powerful and authoritative during a match.On the global scene when the likes of Nadal, Serena Williams and Federer dominate it is not uncommon to witness occasional heated exchanges between players and sometimes umpires.But never has it degenerated to a level one player finds its normal to abuse the parents of the other.Here in Ghana, despite efforts by the Ghana Tennis Federation, the game is still at its developing stages and even on the professional level no violence, abuse or attack has ever been reported.Which makes it strange that a ‘friendly’ and non-professional match between two men will result in one of them accusing the other of assaulting him.Asamoah Gyan, a man whose legendary status remains unquestionable has allegedly assaulted one Daniel Martey during a tennis match.While videos of the attack are unavailable, audio recordings of the incident reveal the former Ghana captain using some unprintable words on his competitor who accused the umpire, Baffour Gyan of unfair officiating.Gyan used words which befit the description of demeaning on the man.The verbal abuse extended to the man’s mother with Gyan using words that cannot be repeated by this site.

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