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The ugly side of beauty pageants

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The reason for some relationships is not only love and luxurious living, neither money nor comfort.

It is only a few people who look out for the beautiful side of a relationship. To be more specific, a lot more lookout for the beauty beneath, this sounds untrue, but a deeply hidden secret that has been in dark.

On the other hand, beauty does not always  come with character, this has been the battle  and  struggles of life as far as relationship is concerned

There are beautiful ladies out there with beauty, but without character, what about those without beauty but the heart of Gold?

After many years of related experience, having dated for 4 years with beauty without character, I regret the action and time wasted.

How I wished I can turn the clock to the times where I will not look out for the ladies with a perfect beauty but ones without, but with a heart of Gold. For those with a few months of relationship will never appreciate my single opinion, though I stand to be corrected.

I would have appreciated this opinion if I were you before you find your important self start looking out for beauty without character instead of ladies with no beauty but heart of Gold.

Beauty and the heart of Gold


ladies with inner beauty but hardly seen outside, suffer relationship trauma, they are shown less love and treated with no curtsy, some are used for sexual satisfaction and scared to be seen with.

On the other hand, they are set as an alternative should their so-called beautiful relationships fail.

They also don’t demand so much in a relationship, they are contempt with whatever you give and have.

Having a heart of Gold is hard to recognize, since finding Gold itself is one difficult thing to do. Use the gold miners for example, especially the galamsey operators.


Beauty without character  

The Ladies with beauty but no character is normal we have lived with blindly and have not realized what dangers we are gradually crawling our life’s into.

When you follow their beauty, then you have to obviously have to forget about character and positive manners, if you have had experience in this you will of-course be my number one fun.

Ladies with so-called beauty, are the material type, they would go into a relationship expecting to exchange sex for comfort, they don’t really care about who undresses them or enters their dirty pants.

Dirty pants for an obvious reason, they claim beauty outwards but dirty and so filthy in their borrowed dresses. This attitude pisses me to the core so much that, regret becomes the only option.

The most annoying part is, they are the ones with the most kind of sexually transmitted diseases but claim clean and healthy. This is  the highest nonsense


When the comfort they seek fails, their relationship with you also comes to a close, they call themself beautiful but no cutesy and positive manners for love.

Some ladies with beauty and some sort of cutesy obviously would think twice. Beauty and the body my dear ladies are not your business centers.

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