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Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to go on social media without seeing stories of sexual assault allegations amongst others .

It’s good that more victims are coming forward with their stories, but some people are taking advantage of the attention that accusations of sexual misconduct bring about.

I seldom do this and most of my publication pertaining to alleged Allegations of sexual assault would most likely be published on my web instead of addressing it here on Social media but for the umpteenth time and after various consultations the need has arose to share this story here for my followers and readers to comprehend the nature of this issue and be their own Judge.

If I may vividly recall I received some messages and videos from various accounts on my platform’s where Rape allegation was leveled up against Businessman Don Jeff Popularly known as Too Much Money by Socialite Nyamewaa. According to Publications seen on Socialite Nyamewaa ‘s page , she was seen in a video ranting about how Businessman Man Don Jeff a.k.a Too Much Money raped her somewhere in July and due to the trauma she went through at the time refuted to take the issue to the police as she was of the candid opinion Too much money had the police in his pocket amongst other things.

To elucidate she added a lot more explicit details which unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to address and as the saying goes a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Apparently the victim isn’t alone in this as other comrades of hers have come forth to also level same allegations against the said Businessman and after 3 months down the lane in a nutshell her friends are seeking for Justice for their friend.

One may ask why now??There are 2 sides to a story they say and in my code of ethics I strongly believe in getting facts from both ends in a sensitive issue of this magnitude and hence on the other side of things I reached out to the camp of the said Businessman Man for some information based on these said allegations which almost proved futile since mouths were zipped at this point and no one was willing to talk since it was said the matter was in court.

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