Music: I didn’t  know I had Fibroid until pathological treatment  removing  16 – Adina 

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Although Adina’s mother noticed earlier that the musician had fibroids, the showbiz personality was in denial.


She responded “no, God forbid” until she was convinced that indeed, she had fibroids.

“The interesting thing is that I didn’t know I had fibroids. I would work out; I would try and eat right.

Late last year November, during my periods, I noticed it. I think the fibroids had grown so big.

I went to the hospital, the doctor checked me and said I had huge fibroids and had to take it out now”, Adina said on Restoration With Stacy.

In March this year, AdinaAdina, through her social media handles, announced that she had undergone surgery at the Tema Women’s Hospital to remove fibroids.

The musician who is currently embarking on a campaign to educate women about fibroids said her condition was shocking. According to her, sixteen (16) fibroids were removed.

“They said it looked like I was 32 weeks pregnant”, she said in her description of how serious it was while noting that she heard about the number of fibroids three days after they were removed.

Her recovery, she remarked, was fast to the extent that she performed at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) in June.

“My number one prayer was a successful surgery. I prayed to God to heal me faster. The way I healed shocked me.

I texted my friends that it was a miracle”, she said.

“My stitch never opened; my wound healed fast. By the 5th week, I was doing performances at the VGMAs.”


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