Matters of the Heart

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The heart is an embodiment of life, a reservoir of hope and where the fountain of peace springs from. It’s an instrument that plays the frivolities of nothing but optimism and nihilism. In this context, the heart can tranquil hope and as well ignite doubt due to the adversities of life that one encounters.

I have seen people reacting in ways which contradicts the pros and cons of life’s expectation due the exhibition of the demands of the heart. Matters of the heart will forever remain a mystery.

Per my trivial experience and the limited encounter with some significant others, I have seen souls fall in disrepute and opprobrium, lives subjected to tatterdemalions, individuals been castigated for being realistic and naturally unfolding their humanly desires.

This issue remains unsaid, life still encompass around the monument of love. Love is beautiful when experience not in isolation. When we say it’s enjoyed with the right persons. But who are the right persons? Are they misnomers, aliens, diasporic or indigenous entities? Or we make them ‘the right we want them to be’.

Are some people too unlucky or posterity has not been met yet? Should we wait forever or work it out? Too many questions which can be left grandiloquence, rhetoric or answered.

Some affections are like the flower, that blossom, sprung in unity and affinity but dies in no time. Some are like the leaves on branches, that stays for a while but whither, dries and falls off in it season, Some are like branches that stays a bit longer but are pruned per the farmer’s preference, Others are like the root that sunk deep, too deep and keeps the tree forever nourished. Love is built. It is not reaped nor earned. It is a cooperate work, a joint stalk entity which fails when the other party falls reluctant and is subjected to redundancy.

Should we leave love for the strong and the emotionally intelligent? Then it is too hilarious to say no one has the accurate tendency to fall in love. Almost everyone at a point has experience an episode and feel the need of entanglement. How many gave in to it demands and how many debunked it claims. It is assumed one of the most beautiful things one can ever encounter on earth, the good books describes it as the greatest among faith and hope (the cardinal components that remains the pillars of the Christian faith). The foundation of the grace of Christ and the fellowship of the holy spirit is built on the initial stage of God’s love.

But it is very obvious this thing called LOVE can equally subject one to ashes and limit your capabilities if not proportionately constituted.

Above all it is beautiful.

The ultimate prerequisite must be hard work which revolves around patience and communication coupled with accurate preparedness. Love can be looked in the context of sexual gratification and other projected ambitions. Should it be so? Man has conscience to decipher his actions, hence we leave this to the inherent individual differences.

It should be enjoyed because you need it and the party needs it too. It should not reap you off your capacity, but give you the strength to dominate your world. The consummation of love is revealed as time unfolds. At each stage comes different stresses and strains, but it lies in the cohorts to decide whether to subject to it demands or not.

At a point there is indignant, outrage and hurt. The heart naturally beats faster when its goes beyond its threshold. This is a replica of being hurt and piqued. In the phase of such unpleasant outburst there is the need for the said ‘lovers’ to employ  patience and communication within the allies of the love shared but not out, below or beyond context.

Human is not an automata, programed machinery or robotic equipment. You can never eat your cake and have it. You can’t fetch a cup of water from a bucket full and still expect it to be at the initial level. You only maintain the level or expect an overflow when you intentionally and consciously top it up, and that is hard work in a non-superfluous state.

Do you love me? Can we share some love? Can we build ourselves together? These are questions that come from an individual as a result of an indwelled affection that has taken the form of a pushing factor. The response can be favorable or not. If a negative feedback is realized, case close- one only persist when there is hope for meeting future expectancies. If the responds is yes, wow! Amazingly perfection. But do we always care about the aftermath or are only carried away by the untimely euphoria?

The aftermath of love is like growth, a demand and supply curve- there is depreciation, stagnation and increase. A production possibility frontier curve- which address economic problem, here addresses issues related to matters of the heart correlated to scarcity or limited efforts engage in what can be forgone to achieve that in clear optimization. Love is a curve, one ought to observe it to employ hard work with contingency to achieve it proposed goals.

There is one amazing similitude with love and hate. The two identifiable qualities that can emanate out of clear genuineness or an astute pretense where the individual decides. These practices are like the streams of living waters that spring forth from the belly. The heart is one vital organ which determines an individual’s longevity. My question is; why men of intellectual capacity related love to the heart. The heart as a symbol takes the form of the biological makeup of the human heart

When we look at the heart in the biological and medical point of view, there are four chambers which connotes ventricles and atria per there significant functions. This indicates that, the heart can undoubtedly be equally divisible.

The issue of romantic love which is built on subjective intimacy naturally exists between two individuals who have decided to share a bond of affection. The agreed affection when joined together forms a new shape similitude to the heart. Hence, love dramatically connotes the heart.

The shape is distorted and dispatched when the affection is broken upon various reasons. Remember, what keeps this shape secure is a decision that develops, grows and at a point decides whether it will last and die. When the shapes breaks, we say our heart is broken, a punctured hearts bleeds, a broken love sheds tears and the prediction can be catastrophic. It is simply amazing. In the pursuit of this journey are challenges which certainly arise in a time bound.

Back to the preceding paragraphs which talked about love being a decision which must correspond to a tranquil preparedness. In this episode of our life I define it as a suit of dandies manifesting in virility. That theatre of Corrientes where drama disguise in romance, comic, adventure and the likes is made known. Love can be full of guffaws and belly-laughs, on the contrary, it can be a tabloid of anguish. 

Youths remains victims of this beautiful definition of love, all because of that sensational adrenaline that runs with euphoria on an asphalt of life’s quest. There is a popular adage that says “let’s love and not fall in love; for everything that falls breaks”. The quote remains much self-explanatory. It is discreet to assassinate any limitation that will undermine the beautiful episodes of love that is meant to be enjoyed. This world will forever remain a better place if we love right and abhor the trivialities of misunderstandings which will obviously arise from our humanly desires which can’t be unquestionable.

matters of the heart is complicated so there is the need to pay heed to discret timing


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