Lady Goes Blind From Mother’s Slap

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Lady Goes Blind From Mother’s SlapWhen a mother was disciplining her daughter, she had no idea the outcome will be blindness.

Neither did the mother also know that the singular act will turn her into an alcoholic as a result of a perpetual gilt that has since engulfed her heart.

Narrating their ordeal on Nhyira FM’s Ewiase Mu Nsem, the now mother-of-one recounted how in 2016, a misunderstanding broke out between her parents and herself over her decision to quit schooling.

Then 18-years-old, she accused her parents of watching her toil to pay her secondary school fees despite having sources of income.

That fateful night after a series of ranting, the lady added, her blind father got fed up and gave her severe spankings.

her mother who was trying to intervene slapped her with her father’s walking aid and, from then, the efficacy of her eyes kept diminishing.

From ‘watering’ to ‘blurring’, the young lady said she sought the help of several pastors and fetish priests but a month later, she woke up completely blind.

According to her, spiritualists told her that at the time her mother hit her with the father’s white cane, evil forces exerted their energies into the action, commanding for her, an equal share of her father’s plight.

However, medical doctors have explained she had pegged the cause to underlying glaucoma which only manifested after the slap.

Her mother, who could not bear the guilt of her actions, four years after, has resorted to alcohol for solace.

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