Kuami Eugene sued for Ghc120,000 over ‘song theft’, Richie Mensah blames Ghana media (WATCH)   

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Ghanaian music executive and former singer Richie Mensah has blamed the Ghanaian media after his artiste Kuami Eugene was sued over ‘song theft’.

KiDi, Richie Mensah and Kuami Eugene

A few days ago, a Ghana-based Nigerian artiste Oduma Essan filed a copyright lawsuit against Kuami Eugene for allegedly plagiarising his song.


Reports say the singer is claiming part ownership of Kuami Eugene’s hit song “Show Body” featuring Falz released on October 9, 2020.


The writ, sighted by MyNewsGh, claims that Oduma Essan released his song with the same title, “Show Body”, on July 17, 2020, months before the Lynx Entertainment singer’s song was released.


According to Oduma Essan, the title of the song is not only the same as his but there are some technical similarities between the two songs.



He is, therefore, demanding Ghc120,000 in damages, and has reportedly told the court that among other things, Kuami Eugene plagiarised his title and also used lyrics similar to his.


Reacting to this, the CEO of Lynx Entertainment label blamed the Ghanaian media for reporting on the issue – basically doing its work.


“I want to give a shout out to the media houses and let you guys know that you are responsible for this,” he told Doreen Avio on JoyNews. “Because, the truth is that, when you don’t protect your child, you allow people to enter your house to attack them.”


He continued: “Kuami Eugene keeps getting attacks regularly because they’ve come to see that when you attack him, you make news. All you have to do is say ‘this’ and get attention.”


He attacked the media in Ghana, saying they publish ‘rubbish stories’, adding that there are no similarities between the songs in contention.


“Because the media houses keep publishing some of these things. But trust me, if the media houses stop paying attention to the ‘rubbish stories’, they will stop bringing the rubbish stories.”


“Anybody who listens to the two songs will see that there are no similarities whatsoever. The only thing that is similar about the two songs is the title.”


Watch Richie Mensah launch an attack on the media below.




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