Joe Mettle’s Wife Salome Selassie Dzisa Had Two Kids before He Married Her.

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We don’t write to ruin the just ended togetherness of the Joe and Selassie.

A popular radio station in Accra yesterday sat on the Gospel artist issues on disillusion topic and delve into the marriage of Joe and Selassie

Recently had with his lady by name Selassie salomey Dzisa. Joe mettle and wife got married on Saturday, August 15, 2020 in Tema.

Sources disclosed that, the marriage was a forces marriage because Selassie got pregnant for Joe mettle along the line whiles they were still courting. Due to that, the family of Selassie told Joe mettle to marry her if not they were going to escalate the issue on the media.

This was a discussion with panelist’s o the program who discussed and concluded that, marriage with such beginning later comes up with couples becoming enemies. In the discussion they were able to formulate that, Selassie salomey Dzisa, Joe mettles wife, have already had two (2) children with another man before getting marriage to Joe mettle. This they said was hidden from the notice of Joe mettle.

It was revealed to him after they had exchanged their marital vowels.

On the other hand, the wife of Joe mettle, Selassie salomey Dzisa has gone on her Instagram page to reply to her critics that, nobody can wreck a home they know nothing about. This explained that though she has not denied on having two (2) children outside her wedlock, she meant that, in as much as people make all kinds of stories, she won’t allow anybody to destroy what she meant to be.

Even if she has two (2) children that do not belong to Joe mettle, she is now married to Joe mettle and will not allow anything wreck nor put them apart.

Information has also revealed that, the makeup artist is expecting her first child with Joe mettle. This was a pregnancy that led to their marriage as family of Selassie could not allow their daughter to carry a child that belongs to Joe mettle without marriage.

This allegation whether or not true, may baffle one to ask whether Joe mettle was really a virgin before he got married as he disclosed in an interview that he would only sleep with a woman after wedlock.

The interactive program was telecasted on Oman channel, an Accra popular television and radio station with panelist from different sphere of radio and television platforms.

They end that marriage should not be forced on any one, since the outcome is always bad.

They cited on the current incident that occurred In the US FLORIDA involving the Ghanaian prophet Sylvester who shot and dead the wife apparently getting involved with another man of fro his own church.

It’s our fervent prayer that Joe mettle and wife Selassie will enjoy the peace in marriage till enternity

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