If This Prophecy is True, Then The NPP Must Stop Campaigning Now.

It’s less than two months for this year’s election to commence441 min

The spirit of current events

It’s less than two months for this year’s election to commence.

This year’s election will be the toughest election among all the election we have had in Ghana. Not that there will be war in Ghana, but who among the two strong parties will be crowned the winner.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP), are making every headway to win the incoming 2020 election.

They are massively campaigning so they can win more votes this year’s election. But it’s difficult to believe that the NPP may win because, the NDC are also doing the same massive campaigns to win more votes.

In this case, how may you know that the NPP or the NDC will win? That’s why I said earlier that the election may be the toughest. Then how can we fortell the winner of the incoming election?

There are different prophecies which have been going on about the arriving election.

Many prophets have arisen with distinct prophecies. Some say the NPP has taken the lead, others say the NDC are rather the winner.

But their prophecies are staggering. How can their prophecies which they claim is from God be in two ways; NPP is the winner, and at the same time, NDC is also the winner?

But today, I saw a post on Facebook, which was not just a post but a prophecy.

A certain lady who has fortold the winner of the 2020 election.

This was how she prophesied. “Ghanaians should never believe any prophecy from any prophet; they are all false prophecies.

This is my prophecy which is true: NPP may never win this 2020 election. They must stop campaigning because they have already lost the election.

NDC will be crowned the winner. Take this prophecy serious.”

From her post, she meant all the prophecies from the prophets about the 2020 election are false. She said only her prophecy is true that, the NPP may never win the 2020 election.

She continued that, the NPP must stop campaigning because, the NDC will be crowned the winner of the 2020 election. That was her prophecy.

I can’t believe her prophecy, but if she is sure about her prophecy, then the NPP must stop campaigning now.

The NPP must stop campaigning now because, whatever campaign they make will end them in tears on December 7. They will still lose if they campaign, so why not stopping now?

What can say about this lady’s prophecy? Do you believe her prophecy that the NPP may lose the seat to the NDC? Please leave your comments here.

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