I Need A Serious Boyfriend for Chopp!ng, I Will Pay him 130k But Under These Conditions – Lady Says

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“I Need A Serious Boyfriend for Chopp!ng, I Will Pay him 130k But Under These oooConditions – Lady Says



Not everything one seeks he or she always get, there are limitations to so many things, so when demanding or requesting for something it is important to note if it can be achievable or not.


Here is the desire of a young lady named Mina who is desperate in search of a Boyfriend with stern conditions attached.


According to her:


My name Mina Austine I graduated from high school this year. I had my high school education at the high school of Archbishop Poter Girls.


I live in Anaji estates in Takoradi. I live with other siblings and parents.


I’ve been always indoors, my parents haven’t allowed me to be out there that made it difficult for me to get a boyfriend.


But since I’ve graduated from high school now, I’m free to search and I’m ready to mingle with anyone who is ready for me under these conditions.


Following are the conditions he must meet:

  1. The person must be about 20 years.

You have to be polite and look decent

You must be a registered student or graduate of a registered.


You need to be able to do whatever I tell you to do.


These are the attributes that you have to have before you can apply to be my boyfriend



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