Nana Akuffo Andy Meets District Presidents Concerning Their Naspa Week Celebration .

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The meeting spotted the president of the region NANA ANDY AKUFFO, together with few other executives from various districts in the Eastern Region

As part of the plans of the Ghana National service Executives in the Eastern Region to combat Covid 19.  The president of the region H.E NANA ANDY AKUFFO had a discussion on how to overcome the spread of the deadly virus, on 27th August 2020.

The national service scheme sees to put measures in place to prevent the spread of the pandemic, and the eastern regional executives are not exception. Though the prevention of the spread happens to be the major concern of every citizen, whiles others make fun of the virus after one is infected and tested positive is treated, the scheme makes it their major concern.

The meeting was made up of almost all the district executives to discuss the immediate importance of combating the pandemic, and preventing the spread in the East and among the personnel.

In the regional presidents concern. The actives to their week celebrations has delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, In view of this most of activities were not executed.

Other matters raised by the various heads were personal issues the personnel are facing which includes the delay of their monthly allowance and the unpaid arrears.

Due to the unforeseen problems, most of the districts were forced to shift their week celebration upfront.

In the cause of the discussion, a heated argument almost crush down the meeting. We, in all fact expected this part of the meeting, thus, instances where one disagree with the other. This happens all the time.

As part of the measures, P.P.E’S were given out to the districts to help fight the pandemic from spreading among them. Donations of some items were made to the executives of the various districts. This includes Veronica bucket, alcohol base Hand sanitizer, Tissues and more of this items were given out.

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