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Have you been exhausted that you wouldn’t want to visit the hospital anymore because of the long cue you joined while going for a message or medical aids?

Do you always have pains all over your body because of your sleeping postures?

Are you still finding means to get back on your feet after that traumatic accident?

Has a doctor recommended you get a physiotherapy equipment to help heal faster?


Do you have a broken arm after falling and needs the best medical equipment to help you manage the pain and heal faster?

Greenlife MedSolutions is a medical company that imports products that works effectively on the body, ie. Hernia Belt, Pregnancy, Back Support, Cervical Collar Soft with Support, Universal Shoulder Immobilizer, Posture Corrector, Quadra Stick, Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer, Walker Boot, Pouch, Arm Sling (Tropical), Cervical Orthosis (Philadelphia), Plastazote, Foot Drop Splint (Rt/Lt), Ankle Binder, Clavicle Brace with Fastening Tape, Clavicle Brace with Buckle, Universal Shoulder Immobilizer, Cervical Collar Soft, Ethafoam, Cervical Collar Hard Adjustable, Collar Soft (Firm Density), Spica Splint, having undergone scientific and medical scrutiny.


Known to import products from one of India’s well accepted companies, Tynor, which supplies orthopaedics and physiotherapy – apparatus, instruments and equipment, physiotherapy equipment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment, physiotherapy apparatus and Massage instruments, it’s products have been vetted and approved by the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).



Greenlife MedSolutions is geared towards providing high-precision, minimally invasive medical devices by developing products with trouble-free processes and, utilizing extensive production experience, creative engineering, and world-class quality, while also improving operational efficiency: quality, cost, yield, and delivery time.



We supply a full range of physiotherapy equipment including treatment couches, exercise equipment, gait analysis, pulse compression therapy, and the general equipment you would expect to find in an established clinic.



You can locate GreenLife MedSolutions At;

Accra: Enroute Libya Quarters from Madina Zongo Junction, right opposite the Methodist Church.

Kumasi – Danyame, opposite Palmer School Junction, On the Dr. Kuffour Avenue

You can contact Green Life MedSolutions via email – or phone on 0558021373 or 0205679559 where we will manage your purchase and provide quotations as required.

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