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The Ministry of Information and the Ghana Health Service have finished a one-day Covid-19 refinement workshop for the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs.

The workshop was led by His Royal Majesty, Okyenhene Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin, the leader of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs.

In his introductory statements, Okyenhene Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin in the interest of his bosses expressed gratitude toward President Akufo-Addo for his administration in the administration of Covid-19 and the measures set up to hinder the spread of Covid-19 in Ghana.

Okyenhene Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin described a portion of the relieving estimates set up by the administration by method of the Covid-19 mitigation bundle which incorporates the underlying preliminary distribution of $100 million; arrangement of 50% (half) essential pay for cutting edge wellbeing laborers for a half year; wavier of annual expense for a half year; free power; free water and a monetary improvement bundle for medium and little scope ventures among others.

Likewise, Okyenhene Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin commented that the pandemic has achieved the new ordinary which has influenced how we live and lead parties, for example, burial services and strict exercises.

“Today we as a whole need to wear a face cover each day, practice social separating and great hand cleanliness consistently” he noted

Osagyefo vowed to lead state funded training on the pandemic in the Eastern Region and urged his associates to recreate this in their different spaces so as to advance network consistence with the security conventions.

The Eastern Regional Minister, Hon. Eric Kwakye Darfour noticed that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused enduring among the general population and has tested the traditions of society.

He said the administration’s new methodology is to upgrade more prominent network interest to develop mindfulness on the best way to keep up adherence to Covid-19 wellbeing conventions.

The workshop was driven by the Director of Health Promotion at the Ghana Health Service and Leader of Risk Communication and Social Mobilization for Ghana’s Covid-19 Response Team, Dr Da Costa Aboagye.

His introduction zeroed in on Covid-19 preventive conventions, Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), criticism, wellbeing advancement, and anticipation.

He said despite the fact that Ghana’s battle against the pandemic has been great, it is critical to continue the increases by keeping up adherence to the wellbeing conventions.

Dr Da Costa was worried that rebelliousness to these conventions could cause an upsurge of diseases in the nation.

“The wearing of a cover is lessening by day, social removing isn’t as a rule carefully followed, and the recurrence of handwashing has likewise diminished fundamentally. This image gives as a reason for stress”.

He, accordingly, charged the Chiefs and Queen moms to instruct their subjects on Covid-19 and increment public mindfulness on the significance of the utilization of facemasks.

Addressing disgrace, Dr. Da Costa stated: “The current Covid-19 episode has incited social shame and prejudicial practices against tainted people, networks, families, and so forth and the effect is that it will basically drive individuals to shroud the ailment to dodge separation, keep individuals from looking for medical care early, dishearten sound behaviours and influence the emotional wellness of contaminated individuals.”

Dr. Da Costa asked the bosses and assessment pioneers to do their part through all types of commitment with different gatherings in their territories on Covid-19 preventive measures through network based training.

Addressing an Accra-based radio broadcast, Dr. Dacosta said Government will zero in on a wellbeing advancement and avoidance program named ‘The Wellness Program’ as a technique for early location of maladies with the point of regulating ‘anticipation is superior to fix’ in our wellbeing framework to help corrective medical care conveyance.

Dr. Da Costa said the program will give a stage to each Ghanaian to check their wellbeing status at any rate once every year.

This program will likewise help profile Ghanaians for the early location of maladies and will likewise assist with lessening the high illness trouble cost of NHIS.

The media was asked to “help teach and urge Ghanaians to do customary exercise; to eat neighborhood nourishments just as eat more products of the soil, have enough rest, and maintain a strategic distance from pressure”.

Driving the Ministry of Information designation was the Deputy Minister for Information Hon. Pius Enam Hadzide and in his location mentioned the adored bosses to lead the rollout of the network commitment and danger training procedure to develop consciousness of Covid-19 in continuing the wellbeing conventions.

He expanded government’s thankfulness on the organization with customary experts in the public improvement plan, especially their help in the requirement of the limitations that were forced during the lockdown time frame.

Hon. Pius Enam Hadzide implied that the administration’s technique was secured on 5 principle columns.

  • Breaking point importation of Covid-19 Cases
  • Contain people group spread to the barest least
  • Give ideal consideration to influenced people
  • Breaking point the effect of Covid-19 on the financial existence of Ghanaians
  • Extend our independence and increment creation limit

He said measures sent by the administration to battle the infection were essential for the enthusiasm of general wellbeing.

He implied that “the pace of recuperations has expanded enormously, as 29th September 2020 affirmed cases were 46,482 with a sum of 45,651 recuperations making 98% recuperation rate. Dynamic cases were 530 and 301 passings.

“Around the globe, it shows up there is a subsequent wave so we should keep on reinforcing our nation’s reaction to Covid-19 pandemic to limit the danger and negative effect presented by the illness”. He contended.

In his closing comments, the Deputy Minister for Information Hon. Pius Enam Hadzide noticed that “notwithstanding the accomplishment in the recuperation rate we have to prepare for additional network spread by carefully holding fast to the security conventions”. He expressed gratitude toward the bosses for their instrumental function in the battle against Covid-19.


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