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A-Plus genuine name Kwame Asare Obeng is the pioneer of non-administrative association ‘The People’s Project’ (TTP) with a complete enrollment of 700,000 over the globe.

Get Upclose and Personal with TTP

The People’s Project essentially is a considerable, Non-sectarian and Non-savage Ghanaian third power cum social development built up to interest for social objectives and sacred changes that serves the wellbeing of the great individuals of Ghana. Established as of late and lead by Mr. Kwame Asare Obeng a.k.a A PLUS, thp development has gotten endorsement from numerous Ghanaian residents home and abroad with more than 500 and 35 (535) branches over the globe and an expected enrollment of more than 700,000.


The interesting component about TPP is that, we don’t just condemn government yet in addition loans some assistance in settling a portion of the various Ghanaian issues. As a guarantee to the great individuals of Ghana, we construct free present day boreholes with purging frameworks to give great drinking water to networks the nation over, we give startup capitals to whatever number youth as could be allowed, we have covers for people with handicaps among numerous other social mediations. We are at present structure our own versatile application to relocate our enrollment to back off correspondence and furthermore help in formal enlistment.


TPP as a development is upholding for the public improvement arranging commission to be made a self-ruling body and entrusted to plan a long term advancement plan for Ghana. This, we accept will lead an engaged ability to read a compass, advance congruity by forestalling political entertainers, be it NDC, NPP or some other gathering from legitimately affecting or meddling in public Projects superfluously. We are additionally requiring the correction of the 1992 constitution. The constitution is loaded with imperfections and really ensures the elit and the political class at the inconvenience of the basic Ghanaian. Furthermore, we are requiring the cancelation of Exgratia. As consistently expressed by the pioneer of this incredible development, parliamentarians should just get such sum once. The explanation behind this is, all other government workers resign only once in 35 to 40 years and get peenuts as benefits however parliamentarians resign like clockwork and get colossal sums which is making budgetary misfortune the state. This and numerous different changes are what we look to advocate for. So as to have a greater haggling capacity to help this promotion, we are activating a huge number of electors to empower us arrange formative requests with trying governments.


Advance residents’ investment and commitment in the fair and administration measures.

Request responsibility, straightforwardness and duty from government and government authorities.

Advance the turn of events and usage of comprehensive and maintainable approaches and projects.

Encourage the execution of supportive of helpless activities and activities for extremely low-pay networks in the nation

To drive activities that will engage the young financially and in different perspectives to revive their enthusiasm for public talk to advance turn of events.

The authority of the development accepts that, With an aggregate force, numbers, an illuminated and an exceptionally target citizen populace, anybody that considers power in Ghana will get capable and center around the errand of advancement than advance an egotistical intrigue and inadequacy.

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