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President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo tended to the country for the 18th time on the measures his legislature is taking to battle the spread of the novel COVID-19 among Ghanaians.

In his location, the President referenced that his point is to have zero dynamic instances of the novel Coronavirus. “Zero dynamic cases must be the objective and I have presumably that together and with the assistance of God, this also will pass for the fight is as yet the Lord’s,” Akufo-Addo said.

Peruse underneath the President’s eighteenth location to the country.

Individual Ghanaians, goodbye. I am addressing you today from Peduase Lodge, subsequent to having quite recently finished the last Cabinet Retreat of Government during the current year, and I thank you for permitting me into your homes indeed.

It is somewhat more than seven (7) months prior, since I began giving reports on the measures Government was setting up because of the novel Coronavirus infection. I have given, up until now, seventeen (17) refreshes, which have shown the co-ordinated approach we started towards winning the fight against the pandemic.

We can securely say that the advantages are appearing. During my last update, a month back, we had an aggregate of 500 and seven (507) dynamic cases.

45 thousand, 200 and 58 (45,258) people had recuperated, and 200 and 97 (297) people had, sadly, passed on.

As at Friday, sixteenth October, the quantity of dynamic cases has declined further to 300 and 98 (398), with 46 thousand, 600 and 64 (46,664) people completely recouped from the infection, putting our recuperation rate at 98.5%. Thirteen (13) additional passings have happened, bringing the all out number of passings, deplorably, to 300 and ten (310), out of a complete number of 500 and 10,000, and 74 (510,074) people tried.

The pace of death, 0.5%, keeps on staying low. At the point when you investigate the measures some different nations are taking, including forcing evening time curfews and fractional lockdowns, proclaiming condition of crises, restricting the quantities of individuals allowed at public get-togethers, and obligatorily fining people for not wearing covers, all in the offer to contain the secondwave of the infection, we, in Ghana, have been saved every one of these turns of events and limitations.

We should, subsequently, be accomplishing something right. Actually, our ideal circumstance right now is on account of the viability of Government arrangements, the co-activity of you, the Ghanaian public, and, at last, to the beauty of God.

The science and information disclose to us that the direction of the infection in Ghana reflects that of a scourge with diminished sickness movement. Our every day disease rates are no longer in the hundreds as they were at some point back.

By and by, they are during the tens, averaging (25) new cases every day, throughout a week ago.

This is in sharp difference with what’s going on in the nations that are encountering a second flood of contaminations, where, in certain occasions, new diseases and hospitalizations are, tragically, in the large numbers every day. Regardless of our victories, I might want to repeat that this infection remains something of a puzzle, and we ought to in every case rather decide in favor of alert, and keep on watching the conventions that have carried us to where we are.

As President of the Republic, I guaranteed you of my proceeding with pledge to restricting and halting the importation of the infection, containing its spread, giving satisfactory consideration to the debilitated, hindering network spread, decreasing the effect of the infection on social and monetary life, and utilizing the open door managed by this pandemic to grow our homegrown creation limit, and extend our independence. I stay focused on these destinations, and I won’t stray from them.

Individual Ghanaians, we as a whole realize that the rise of the infection on our shores originated from abroad, requiring the conclusion of our outskirts, via land, air and ocean, in March 2020.

Following the arrangement of testing offices, which guarantee the speed and precision of COVID-19 testing, Kotoka International Airport was resumed on 1stSeptember 2020. It has been six a month and a half since the returning, and a sum of 30,000, 500 and 64 (30,564) travelers have been tried, from which (92) have tried positive. Every one of the (92) are asymptomatic cases, whose status, however for the test, would not have been identified, and would have spread the illness among the remainder of the populace.

I am mindful that some are calling for Government to broaden the PCR negative trial before loading onto the departure from three (3) days to in any event five (5) days. I accept, with regards to the second influx of contaminations that is overwhelming countless numbers nations of Europe and America, that we need to demand the three (3) day time span. It is smarter to be protected than sorry. Without a doubt, the nation over, Government has seen to the extension of COVID-19 testing offices, from the underlying (2) to sixteen (16), which incorporate those of private area suppliers. Also, a few clinics the nation over have been outfitted with the ability to test for COVID-19.

We presently have more committed treatment offices for managing the ailment, and have additionally improved significantly the accessibility of PPEs for our wellbeing laborers. It is consoling that we at this point don’t have updates on deficiencies or absence of PPEs.

Through a public-private association, our country is the recipient of a (100) bed Infectious Diseases Center, situated at the Ga East Municipal Hospital, with plans in the offing to duplicate it in Kumasi, Takoradi and Tamale.

In as much as we right now have no patients at the separation communities, I offer the thanks of the country, by and by, to private and strict bodies, who gave their offices to help the battle.

These praiseworthy endeavors have showed the group will of most of Ghanaians to mobilize together, regardless of ethnic, strict or hardliner political contemplations, to help win this battle. It is significant for me to stretch that the expense of accommodating the consideration of most people stricken with the infection is being borne by Government, guaranteeing that people who tried positive, and needed medical services, gotten it instantly.

The vital, controlled, reformist, safe facilitating of limitations proceeds, with its all-encompassing target being to reestablish our lives and economy back to ordinary. SHS 2 and JHS 2 understudies are back in school, just like a few understudies in tertiary foundations and universities. Undoubtedly, the scholastic year for new and proceeding with University understudies will start from January 2021. Football, the energy of the country, will r

eturn in about fourteen days; private entombments, still, with a limit of (100) people, are being performed; and the cutoff on the quantities of people who can go to gatherings, workshops, and grant occasions, has been lifted, subject to the severe adherence of Covid-19 conventions.

On the financial front, as indicated by the Bank of Ghana, the Ghanaian economy is recuperating quicker than at first envisioned.

Customer certainty is ricocheting back unequivocally, and is today above pre-lockdown levels. Business certainty has additionally expanded, mirroring the improving macroeconomic conditions, security in the swapping scale, lower input costs, control in loaning rates, and positive industry possibilities. Purchaser spending, modern utilization of power, and development exercises have all reached pre-lockdown levels, while traveler appearances and port harbor action are progressively edging upwards.

Thus, I ask every one of you, my kindred Ghanaians, to keep on conforming to the exacting cleanliness, veil wearing and social removing conventions that have become part of our day by day schedules. This is the surest route by which we can overcome the infection, and evade a second rush of diseases.

The point of view toward our fight against COVID-19 stays idealistic, for which we say thanks to God and you, the Ghanaian public.

It is significant that we keep up this uplifting position, particularly with half a month to the holding of the December 7 official and parliamentary decisions. I have said previously, let us keep on paying special mind to each other, and stay each other’s manager, and I am certain that, thusly, we will rise successful in the battle against COVID-19.

Zero dynamic cases must be the objective, and I have most likely that, together, and with the assistance of God, this also will pass, for the Battle is as yet the Lord’s.

May God favor us all and our country Ghana, and make her extraordinary and solid. I thank you for your consideration


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