Election 2020: Akua Donkor beats CPP’s Ivor Greenstreet in North East region

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Election 2020: Akua Donkor beats CPP’s Ivor Greenstreet in North East region


The flagbearer of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), Akua Donkor has beaten the Convention People’s Party’s presidential aspirant, Ivor Greenstreet in the North East region.


In the certified results from the electoral commission, Akua Donkor polled some 324 votes from the region while the Ivor Greenstreet polled 292 votes in the region.


The results have been a shock to the nation after the CPP was expected to become a third force after the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress.

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Mr Ivor Greenstreet during his campaign chanted an “electric shock” slogan with some members of the party.


According to him, the CPP was going to shock the two major parties in the country in the coming party.


He said, “We keep hearing Ghanaians complain that they are tired of NPP and NDC because all they see is argumentation, lack of improvement in the lives, lack of opportunities for their children to get employed, great difficulty in accessing welfare and the expense and quality of it. And so they will be asking themselves a lot of question when they see two large political parties praising themselves and arguing over so-called infrastructure when in their own circumstances they don’t see them.”


“Therefore, that shock is not just a gimmick, yes we have grabbed people’s attention but the actual simple reality is unless they [Ghanaians] give the NPP and the NDC the ‘electric shock’, nothing will change and that status quo will continue,” he added.

Per the provisional results so far, the Ghana Union Movement (GUM) seem to have polled more votes in the country than the famed CPP.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission is yet to announce the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

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