E/R NSS: New Juaben NASPA election 2020 turns DUABO(Curses)

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E/R NSS: New Juaben NASPA election turns DUABO(Curses)

We only know of National election which can sometimes go the extra mile, instances where aspirant feels ballot counts were unfair

during the election.

With reference to National election, the discrepancies between this two is not so huge.

The differences between NASPA election and National election , is the fact that National election is undertaken by regions, District and after every 4years.

Whiles NASPA election is fragmented into both region and district as well as National read more on NASPA here.

E/R NSS: New Juaben NASPA election turns DUABO(Curses)
E/R NSS: New Juaben NASPA election turns DUABO(Curses)

As part of the (National Service Personnel Association) NASPA,

and the constitution that legally binds them, executives are to be voted to manage and economize the affairs of the Union, in view of this, election exercise needs to be conducted so personnel would choose their leaders.

In the New Juaben Municipality, in the Eastern Region, Koforidua.

After showing interest in what they want to aspire for, campaign was the order of the day until the due date for vetting was finally announced, fears and panic was the heartbeat of this aspirant.

After a successful vet, all the aspirant qualified to compete for the election on their preferred portfolio without any disqualification.

This was joy, right?

check this out

branded cars in the name of NASPA election
E/R NSS: New Juaben NASPA election turns DUABO(Curses)

Campaigning, up and down became more intense as that’s the only way to get voters’ attention. In few days, the long awaiting election was due.

Campaign was over, we couldn’t hold our eyes with the numerous banners and stickers that represent these aspirants.

lucky, the( Wacom )  women commissioner had to win  the election by un-oppose because she had no competitor

List of Portfolio below

  • President
  • Vice president
  • Secretary
  • Financial Secretary
  • Organizer

After the election and results   some aspirant with their own opinion thinks the results the EC announced is not fair and that investigation has to be done to figure out the correct results for the election, these heated an argument

In the other hand the EC would not allow the agents of some aspirant to tell them what to do since this agent would not use friendly sentences

watch below some reaction.


To our surprise a self-acclaimed national service personnel brought out a shinappe and eggs from nowhere and started pouring with an intention and a reaction just like a curse. He poured it as many as came out and whispering words.

Just in few minutes after the curse there was heavy downpour of Rains. Which got more people talking?

Could it be that the curses are working?











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