Crime:18 year old Farmer fined for stealing sheep

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The Enchi District Magistrate’s Court has sentenced a 18-year-old rancher, Francis Coffie, to a fine of GHC600 for taking his neighbor’s sheep, esteemed at GHC800.

In default he will go through a half year in jail with hard work.

Coffie confessed to the charge of taking under the steady gaze of the Court, managed by Mr Eric Baah Boateng.

Analyst Inspector Joseph Kwadwo Agyare told the court that the complainant is a harvest and animals rancher who live at Tano-Ano in the Aowin Municipality with the convict.

He said in the early long periods of September 12, 2020, the complainant fastened three of his sheep against a tree on a field to empower them to nibble.

The complainant, at a point in time, left the creatures because of organization difficulties to settle on a telephone decision at an assigned zone.

Around the same time at around 1200 hours, the complainant got back to the spot where he fastened the sheep and identified two were taken.

Criminologist Agyare said while the complainant was hectically looking for the sheep, she risked on them butchered in Coffie’s room.

He said the convict was captured and given over to the Asemkrom Police with the butchered sheep where a conventional grumbling was held up.

Investigator Agyare said the convict, in his alert proclamation, conceded the offense and asserted he was controlled by a soul to submit the offense

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