could this be just for a hype? :Another Death Hit Kumawood

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A commemoration administration standard for Kumawood performer Sekyere Amankwa has jumped up through electronic media leaving various Ghanaians staggered.

In the pennant situated on the web, Amankwah is found in his image name exposed head and a puffy hairs.

He is wearing some jeans and shirt with a jacket on top while locking his courses of action of fingers together.

While he is commonly known as Sekyere Amankwah, the pennant which has been highlighted as ‘What A Shock’, gets his name as Akwasi Mensah. The internment administration pennant moreover puts the presumably terminated man’s age at 37 years old.

Nuances on the flag are that the died will be shrouded laid in state at Mantemankabi on October 31, 2020.

While we can’t confirm or discredit the reports on Sekyere Amankwah’s destruction as being proposed in the pennant, there are hardly any things to note.

The performer has reliably been known as Sekyere Amankwah and not Akwasi Mensah. Whether or not Sekyere Amankwah was a name for showbiz, the would have been put on the put as an expected name in case it were substantial.

Furthermore, no report has been made of his contamination or sudden destruction as it is regularly the circumstance when such renowned people pass on.

Essentially spotted are a couple of abnormalities with the commemoration administration flag, various Ghanaians who have perceived the photo have had tantamount slants.

For a noteworthy number of the people, the pennant is just an undertaking to propel one of the movies coming up.

vivienne_appiah was from the outset deceived: “Eish, so this just for a film.. Was abt to state’ Oohuu’ yet then I saw Zion’s engraving.”

linda virago bonsu depicted the restricted time contraption as craze: “This is unadulterated distraction. In what limit can an individual deal his life for a film progression. Hmm.”

_kojocyrus almost acknowledged the standard: “My jaw was dropped till I saw the engraving. Zion you face okay.”

ikonz4eva_ didn’t consider the to be as intriguing: “This sh*t isn’t interesting. all of you should keen up.”

ibrah_2k chuckled about the age on the standard: “This current man’s facial hair alone can clock 35 years return again Zion.”

An appropriately notable performer, Amankwah has been acting by and large as an obsession serve (juju man) or medium in various Kumawood films.

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