Caution!!:These Type Of Boxer Shorts Are Not Good For Your Health

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To the men who don’t fancy putting on boxer shorts, get to know that these piece of clothes are underwear which play vital roles of supporting the penis and the scrotum from looking like pendulums in oscillation, and also preventing them from protruding in your trousers or shorts.

Nonetheless, your choice of boxer shorts may also determine the strength and health condition of your reproductive organs. Never spend money on a clothe that in the long run, will have some defects on your health so in view of this, when opting for underwear, make sure you choose wisely.

There are so many of them on the market that will put your health in jeopardy. The following below are the characteristics of the boxer shorts on the market that will put your health at risk after a period of time:

Very Tight Boxer Shorts

Wearing tight underwear can be very uncomfortable and in most cases have adverse effects on your health.

Wearing tight underwear can impede blood circulation around your reproductive organs.

Again, because it is tight, it presses the scrotum against the body, causing the testicles to rise in temperature.

This has shown in some research to correlate with a lower sperm count and weak penis.

It also accumulates some foul smell around that part of your body.

Nylon Or Silk Boxer Shorts

Wearing nylon underwear whether tight or loose is mostly not advicable for men who would want to be fertile and reproduce.

Study shows that, Nylon or silk materials absorb much heat hence putting on boxer shorts made of such materials will make the scrotum catch heat and thereby affecting the testis.

The Testes must not live in an environment with a high temperature because heat in excess kills the sperms in semen and that will indisputably render you sterile.

What to look up for when opting for a boxer short on the market that will pose no threat on your health:-

100% Cotton Boxer Shorts

Cotton materials don’t absorb much heat like other materials, for this reason, putting on underwear made of cotton assures you of your safety from any health related problems associated with the reproductive organs that are borne from putting on inappropriate underwear.

It helps to avert low sperm counts in men caused by some underwear.-Loose Boxer Shorts: Wearing loose or not too tight boxer shorts assures you of comfortability.

Aside this, it makes the penis and the scrotum to have freedom whilst being supported.

The circulation of blood around the reproductive organs will be effective as well. It also averts bad odour around that area because, there will be the needed air circulation.

Again, it provides the requisite temperature for healthy sperms to thrive.As a man, it is very salient to be much concern of what you cover

your penis and scrotum with as an underwear. The testicles are created in a delicate manner that, they do not need much heat, that is basically why they are outside of the body.

Excessive heat kills the sperms in the semen hence renders your sterile as a man.

Never settle on low quality and low cost boxer shorts that will leave your health in jeopardy.

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