C.E.O Of Afb Products And Founder Of 9th September Makes Donations To Orphanage Homes On Her Birthday

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AFB is an acronym derived from the name Alice Frimpongma Boateng, is a range of product that produces Hand sanitizers, Hair Fertilizer, Liquid soaps and more.

She’s an entrepreneur with so much initiatives when it comes to branding, her contribution to society and desire to help people is undoubtedly indescribable.

Her entrepreneurial skills, has ended her to be Nominated in the UMB TERTIARY AWARDS

Her contribution towards the fight of covid-19 with her AFB hand sanitizer was also evident.

As part of the C.E.O of AFB and the founder of 9th September’s plan to celebrate her birthday, together with her Team, a kind visit was made to the orphanage home in the Eastern Region to show them the love they need.

During her donation, she visited two orphanage homes, all in the eastern region.

Her first donation was made to the BAPTIST ORPHANAGE HOME, TROTOR in the NANKESI DISTRICT in the eastern region. The trip was tiring due to the condition of the roads that leads to where the ORPHANGES were.

On the Team’s arrival, joy and smiles were all over the faces of this kids, this could be the joy they needed for a long while

The community where this orphans lived seems to be an outcast, in my personal observation, this is because upon driving through a narrow road for almost 30-45 minutes all we could see was bushes, Tick tress, and mud houses.

 It brought memories of Lawrence Damanies” the grief child” which got me ask myself a whole bunch of questions.

The donation was successful, the word of God was ministered to give hope in case there’s any hopeless soul, prayers was made to protect them from any destruction of the evil one.

The kids were engaged in fun activities, musical chairs, dancing competition and more.

Since the donation has two session, the items were handed over to them.

In few minutes we were at the AKWADUM CHRISTIAN VILLAGE ORPHANAGE.

This side looks more, like a home and unless one is told, it will be very difficult to believe is an orphanage home.

They also received their share of the DONATION and with a thankful heart accepted with prayer for the the birthday celebrant and the her team, 

 Concluding my observation which is now in a write-up, I strongly believe that this people or children in the category of orphans are just like us, and for that matter should be seen as such.

One way or the other, some might have lost both parent, so fate would force them into the category of orphans.

If you have the privilege to have both parents alive be grateful, and support with a kind heart

Especially to those who needs it badly.

Why don’t you try visiting them one of this days it’s worth it?

May GOD bless AFB and the Ninth September Foundation, heaven is pleased.


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