Buzz:Is Efia Odo Now Trying To Become A Pornstar?

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Ghanaian controversial personality, Efia Odo, has come out once again to do something.

Efia has been an anchor for controversial issues ever since she surfaced in the publicity scene.

Her various photos on the internet showing her nude body have been something that a lot of people share mixed feelings about.

Some might say they care about the wellbeing of the lady while others may be appalled with the things she is doing.

Recently, she has brought up a new photo that is making rumors go round that she has joined the famous porn industry.

In the photo she posted, one can see that she has her boobs showing as well as her nipples showing.

Efia recently, went back to her other home country, the United States of America, to have a vacation with her family.

According to her, Ghanaians are the reason she left without hesitation. She said that it was due to how Ghanaians loved to be villagers and not adapt to the new systems that she left anyway.Her counterparts like Akuapem Poloo have also received their share of backlash from Ghanaians but like her, they refused to conform.

Recently, Akuapem Poloo landed herself in a lot of backlashes as her nude video got leaked to the public.

Although she denied leaking the video unintentionally, lots of Ghanaians have refused to listen to her.

It turns out that these days, certain ladies will do anything for attention and that includes stripping themselves for the world to see.

Afia Schwarzenegger has also been under a number of backlashes with regards to the way she has been leading her life on social media. Things went worse as her feud with musician cum businesswoman, Mzbel, revealed a lot of dirty things.

With regards to Efia Odo’s picture, one could consider the fact that Efia Odo might be trying to enter the p@rn industry thereby confirming the rumors going around.


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