Beef ALERT : ‘Obia Wo Ne Master’ Is Bigger Than Shatta Wale’s Songs And His Entire Generation— Yaa Pono

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Unlike Pope Skinny who tried making peace with Shatta Wale on his birthday by wishing him well on his just past birthday, Yaa Pono has remained adamant.

Once again, he is stirring trouble with none other than ShattaIn his latest interview with Kwaku Manu, he has revealed that his song titled Obia Wo Ne Master who he released as at the time that he was beefing with Shatta Wale is the greatest song ever.According to him, that song is bigger than Shatta Wale’s songs and his entire generation, born and unborn.

We know Shatta Wale and Yaa Pono have never seen eye to eye and have been beefing each other for a long while now but we also thought they had outgrown that a long time ago.

Apparently, they have not, and knowing Wale, he definitely would respond to this.

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