Relationship goals:11 Things Women Love But Won’t Tell You

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11 Things Women Love But Won’t Tell YouWomen want a lot of things, but the truth is, all women love money.

Before we talk about anything else, one of the most important things women want is money.

I have noticed many women and really found what they are looking for so I have to share it with someone I don’t know.

Some people don’t know how to please their wives, but they think that’s all there is to it.

The truth is, women love money, but let me be honest with you, money is not everything. Women need care and love, and they are always happy to have one.

Here are some things women love but don’t say.

1-Touch her sensitive part and get close to her.

2-Tell her all your secrets.

3-Make sure to always talk to her almost all the time.

4-Remember to send a random text message every day.

5-Share your clothes with her.

6-Remember her all the time that you always love her.

7-Kiss gently if necessary

8-Talk about her with your friends.

9-Tell jokes and laugh with her.

10-Make sure you greet or call her mother regularly.

11-Make sure you show her love all the time


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